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I need some ideas for a great audition piece for a Colligete choir. I'd like something that's fairly easy for an Alto (like, melody).

So far, I've been thinking "Music in my Mother's House." It's not the greatest showy piece, but I know it and Altos had melody.

But my big problem is that I'm scared to death of singing in front of people. Alone. I don't mind when there are others singing with me, so long as my voice isn't the only Alto in the pack. Just thinking about doing a solo when I'm singing is enough to make the world fall away and that great feeling of being punched in the stomach over takes me.

If anyone has suggestions as to the song and/or how to get over my little stage fright, I'm more than willing to hear them out.

Oh, and the underwear trick doesn't work on me. Don't know why.
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