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New Community 
10:04pm 01/01/2006
The name really says it all ;-)
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Newbie in more ways than one... 
10:53am 31/08/2005
  I'm a freshman in college, and I haven't sung in a choir since grade school. Well, a friend of mine convinced me to audition for Concert Choir. I was accepted as a 2nd alto. Anyhow, on my first day of Concert Choir (I added a week into the class), sheet music for Handel's Messiah was handed out. Aaaaand... I'm slightly overwhelmed. I think part of the problem is that I don't trust my voice because I'm not sure what to do with it because it's so low. Like, in some cases I'm more comfortable singing with the basses than the altos. Do any of the other alto 2s have that problem? For example, when I auditioned, the professor is male and he sang a scale and told me to sing it back. I sang it right back in bass rather than alto. He brought in a second alto (the girl who convinced me to join choir, in fact) to sing it with me, and then I did just fine.

It's so odd, though. Unless I'm parroting a female, my voice doesn't naturally want to go that high.

I'm rambling now, but yeah, that's pretty much me as an alto and a member of this community. I'm new to this place and to singing. Tracy Chapman low and unsure of what I should even sound like.

Fun stuff. ;)
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09:03am 01/07/2005
mood: worried
I need some ideas for a great audition piece for a Colligete choir. I'd like something that's fairly easy for an Alto (like, melody).

So far, I've been thinking "Music in my Mother's House." It's not the greatest showy piece, but I know it and Altos had melody.

But my big problem is that I'm scared to death of singing in front of people. Alone. I don't mind when there are others singing with me, so long as my voice isn't the only Alto in the pack. Just thinking about doing a solo when I'm singing is enough to make the world fall away and that great feeling of being punched in the stomach over takes me.

If anyone has suggestions as to the song and/or how to get over my little stage fright, I'm more than willing to hear them out.

Oh, and the underwear trick doesn't work on me. Don't know why.
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FSU summer music camp 
04:11pm 03/06/2005
  Hey everyone! I was wondering if any of y'all are attending the FSU Summer Music Camps for the Honors Choral Ensemble from July 3rd to July 9th. If so, does anyone want to be my roommate? They sent these forms a few weeks ago and one of them is a roommate request form. Anyways, let me know! Thanks ^_^

Fellow Altos! 
09:59am 03/04/2005
  I'm excited! A place for all the unloved, but totally the best vocal section ever, ALTOS!

Um, I'm 18, a senior in HS, and have been an Alto since I was in 8th grade.

Quickly - Freshman and Sophomore year, I was in "Women's Chorus," and sang Alto. Clearly, this was an all girls choir.

Junior year I auditioned for, and was accepted into "Vocal Ensemble," the top choir at my school. That year I was one of 6 altos, but the only junior alto.

This year I am Alto II section leader, by default. Oh, and I'm now one of 8 altos, but one of 4 second altos.
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02:50pm 27/03/2005
mood: accomplished
Hey. ^^ I'm an alto II, and I was wondering if other altos have this problem... it's really hard for me to find songs in my range because I'm practically a bass. I'm definitely an alto and I can't really hope to become even an mezzo-- and it's hard for me to find songs. The only one that I found was really in my range was "On My Own" from Les Miserables. Do you guys know any songs that are around the same range?
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10:35pm 23/03/2005
  Hi everyone.
Well, I'm not really going to be able to be online very much anymore plus I'm deleting this journal. I already have one that I really write in plus I've got too much stuff going on the interent right now. I'll miss my communities, though.

Hi! Anyone there? ^^ 
12:30pm 20/03/2005
mood: happy
Decided to post something~~I actually joined this a while ago, but never got around to posting anything~
I'm an alto! [obviously] Aside from being an alto in my school choir~I also sing for a band and a music club at school~in fact, we're performing at the mall in a couple of days! Am scared to death ><
Yes, now back to where I was before ^^;; ...
I'm really glad I found this community and yes Eric Whitacre is awesome! My choir sang "Water Night" last year~and it sounds so cool oO This year we're going to attempt "Cloudburst" whoo-hoo! It's going to be interesting~

My favorite choral pieces so far are:
- Sicout Locutus Est - Bach
- Exsultate Justi In Domino - Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla
- Die Nachtigal - Mendelssohn
- Lay Your Healing Hands Upon Me - Rollo Dilworth [who I met when our choir was on tour!]
- Prayer of the Children

What about everyone else?

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Alto's ROCK!!! 
09:47pm 15/03/2005
  Wow! I'm so excited I actually found a group that knows exactly how I feel. UNAPPRECIATED!!! Ok so I can sing high and low. I got stuck with alto because I'm good at singing harmony. Now at first I was really upset I love my soprano voice and I get a lot more complements on my voice but then I realized how nice all the altos in my group are. The altos are all friends we hang out together make food for each other have parties for just the altos and we are such cool cats! Then I looked at the sopranos and no offence to sopranos but in my group they are all stuck up and clicky. They aren't friend to one another at all they each think they are better than one another and they never try to blend or work together. I realized being and alto was awesome! The thing that makes me feel unappreciated is everyone in my choir knows that I have an awesome voice. I can sing better than just about everyone in my choir (not to brag) but every time I try out for a solo I don't get it. Everyone knows the only reason is because my teacher only cares about sopranos. Even the alto solos that all the altos try out for she gives to a soprano. The worst time was when she decided she could only give an alto the part and so she chose the one alto who was at one time a soprano and got stuck in the alto section because we needed altos. Our whole choir revolves around two people and everyone thinks it's really annoying. I'll have to go get all my alto friends to join now I have two that are in my group that love being altos and that would love to join this group so I'll be off looking for them...
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12:10pm 16/10/2004
  hey everyone! this is user broadway_jen and i got a new journal! just letting everyone know!  
Oh Noooo! 
02:58pm 13/09/2004
mood: scared
What am I going to do? I just got placed as a second soprano. I've never sung a part that high. I've been an alto and sometimes a tenor, but me? Soprano? WTF? Advice, anyone?
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02:40pm 09/07/2004
mood: curious
Hey, I'm also a contralto, but I normally end up singing tenor. I'm thinking about auditioning for a college choir. Do you guys think it would be wierd if I auditioned as a tenor? And if so, what kind of songs would you recommend for a contralto?
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06:14pm 06/07/2004
  Hi, I'm Angela, and I'm a Sophmore Music Theory major at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. I've only been singing since I started Freshman Music Theory, but that's long enough to know that I'm one of the two contraltos in the school! Could someone add contralto to the interests? We're even more underappreciated than altos!  
altos-- what more is there to say? 
03:41pm 17/06/2004
mood: energetic

because they simply are the BEST!!!

need i even say what part i love to sing? for the 8 or so years i've sung in a choir, i've sang alto each year, except for that one fateful semester when i was bumped up to second soprano. And let me tell you; that was a walk in the park difficulty-wise, but alto is SO much more fun. oh right! this is supposed to be an introduction, too. silly me. my name is Katie, i'm 15, and going into grade 10 at San Mateo High School, California. I love singing-- i've no other life! sometimes my friends get tired of me ranting on about all this stuff about singing that they don't understand. now i can talk about all that stuff here!!

So, hello, fellow altos!

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Hello there! 
03:27pm 10/06/2004
mood: giggly

My name is Rachel. I'm 16 years old and the vice president of my choir council.  I'M ALSO AN ALTO!  YAY!
I love singing this voice part, although we'll be auditioning for new voice parts next year.  My range is pretty...meh.  Let's put it this way, I sang counter-tenor for our Alma Mater, so I'm pretty sure I'll be an alto again next year.  Maybe I'll sing second soprano.  Hmm...  Anyways, I saw this community and I just HAD to join.

As an alto a lot of times it seems you get no credit.  We aren't usually singing melody and let's face it...we're just more fun.  haha.  So here's one of my goofy pictures under L-J cut.  I look forward to participating in this community!  ALTI unite!


meCollapse )

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hi and hello.. 
11:19am 10/06/2004
mood: artistic
well, somebody does have to do the first introduction, righ? And since I am probably the oldest gal in here, I'll be the one.
I live in Italy and have been singing in choirs most of my life, for a few years now I have also been doing some smaller solo roles in the opera company I am with.
I am a mezzosoprano, actually, but in choir mostly sing with the altos since we have more than enough sopranos and not very much people who do read enough music to do the alto parts...the most difficult, as we all very well know ;-)
In this period we are working on the Gloria Mass of Puccini, in autumn we will be doing this, the Verdi Requiem and Verdi's Macbeth. All very challenging for the altos, fortunately!
03:08pm 09/06/2004
  Hey, I'm the manager of this community! Feel free to post as much as you want, but please remember
1. Keep it clean
2. Any pictures are to be used behind and lj-cut
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