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Hello there!

My name is Rachel. I'm 16 years old and the vice president of my choir council.  I'M ALSO AN ALTO!  YAY!
I love singing this voice part, although we'll be auditioning for new voice parts next year.  My range is pretty...meh.  Let's put it this way, I sang counter-tenor for our Alma Mater, so I'm pretty sure I'll be an alto again next year.  Maybe I'll sing second soprano.  Hmm...  Anyways, I saw this community and I just HAD to join.

As an alto a lot of times it seems you get no credit.  We aren't usually singing melody and let's face it...we're just more fun.  haha.  So here's one of my goofy pictures under L-J cut.  I look forward to participating in this community!  ALTI unite!


See ya later!

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