Katie (blueandredcows) wrote in altissimus,

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altos-- what more is there to say?

because they simply are the BEST!!!

need i even say what part i love to sing? for the 8 or so years i've sung in a choir, i've sang alto each year, except for that one fateful semester when i was bumped up to second soprano. And let me tell you; that was a walk in the park difficulty-wise, but alto is SO much more fun. oh right! this is supposed to be an introduction, too. silly me. my name is Katie, i'm 15, and going into grade 10 at San Mateo High School, California. I love singing-- i've no other life! sometimes my friends get tired of me ranting on about all this stuff about singing that they don't understand. now i can talk about all that stuff here!!

So, hello, fellow altos!

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