broadway4me (broadway4me) wrote in altissimus,

Alto's ROCK!!!

Wow! I'm so excited I actually found a group that knows exactly how I feel. UNAPPRECIATED!!! Ok so I can sing high and low. I got stuck with alto because I'm good at singing harmony. Now at first I was really upset I love my soprano voice and I get a lot more complements on my voice but then I realized how nice all the altos in my group are. The altos are all friends we hang out together make food for each other have parties for just the altos and we are such cool cats! Then I looked at the sopranos and no offence to sopranos but in my group they are all stuck up and clicky. They aren't friend to one another at all they each think they are better than one another and they never try to blend or work together. I realized being and alto was awesome! The thing that makes me feel unappreciated is everyone in my choir knows that I have an awesome voice. I can sing better than just about everyone in my choir (not to brag) but every time I try out for a solo I don't get it. Everyone knows the only reason is because my teacher only cares about sopranos. Even the alto solos that all the altos try out for she gives to a soprano. The worst time was when she decided she could only give an alto the part and so she chose the one alto who was at one time a soprano and got stuck in the alto section because we needed altos. Our whole choir revolves around two people and everyone thinks it's really annoying. I'll have to go get all my alto friends to join now I have two that are in my group that love being altos and that would love to join this group so I'll be off looking for them...
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