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Hi! Anyone there? ^^

Decided to post something~~I actually joined this a while ago, but never got around to posting anything~
I'm an alto! [obviously] Aside from being an alto in my school choir~I also sing for a band and a music club at school~in fact, we're performing at the mall in a couple of days! Am scared to death ><
Yes, now back to where I was before ^^;; ...
I'm really glad I found this community and yes Eric Whitacre is awesome! My choir sang "Water Night" last year~and it sounds so cool oO This year we're going to attempt "Cloudburst" whoo-hoo! It's going to be interesting~

My favorite choral pieces so far are:
- Sicout Locutus Est - Bach
- Exsultate Justi In Domino - Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla
- Die Nachtigal - Mendelssohn
- Lay Your Healing Hands Upon Me - Rollo Dilworth [who I met when our choir was on tour!]
- Prayer of the Children

What about everyone else?

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