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Guys please help. I understand that you are all altos here. I am not. Never have been. I'm in a really small selective pro touring choir and I have been a soprano from day one. Today something awful happened. I came back from summer and I had been really sick right? So I was resting my voice and not singing the high notes during a loud song. Then the director turns to me and says "go to the alto section". I didn't even know we were doing placement and I hadnt explained that I was sick. And I know some people are really attached to the people in their section but I have a valid excuse. I was in soprano wo for one year and my voice was so stressed that I had a sore throat and then laryngitis, then strep. Four times. The doctor said that I had pulled the muscles in my throat and gotten a bacterial infection hence the strep. I loved the music and it broke my heart to lip sync through a concert. I just can't do it again. We're singing the Camille saint saens ave Maria, and Magnificat. In NYC. On tour. For those of you who know the pieces, would you want to sand listening to your best friends singing this song and literally be silent in a crowd? I can't do it. Help please?